Winston is very sympathetic, isn't he?

Try your best.

I will say something about it.

I don't need help.

She closed the door, locked it, produced a knife and started to walk towards him.

I enjoyed the voyage across the Pacific.

The police arranged an ambush to catch the mugger.

We can't let them kill them.

Allan ate a dozen doughnuts all by himself.


We've done that work for you.

Why don't you go get her?

They are easy to distinguish from each other.

That's a dumb question.

I play violin.


He is at once strict and tender.


We're not disappointed.

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Do you think I'm too materialistic?

He is a lawyer and must be treated as such.

He fell from one extreme to the other.

He sat there with his arms folded.

We'll have a good crop if this good weather keeps up.

I think we can catch him.

Let's go camping this coming weekend.

How many people are in the store?

Her mother was a Kennedy.

We found that everyone was asleep.

The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.


Stop showing off your iPhone.


Damon left the TV on all night.

The news of his death spread around.

I feel ridiculous.

Look, your shoelaces have come undone.

I've run for three hours.

Jeffrey collects teddy bears, postcards and stamps, old coins, stones and minerals, number plates and hubcaps - in short: almost everything.

What have you come here for?


He gave a good piece of advice.

Let's try calling her.

I told her to leave me alone.


He's addicted.

Courage is very important. Like a muscle, it is strengthened by use.

He dropped in on me yesterday.

Nobody could tell us anything.

Doyle wouldn't complain.

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They have been working on the new building.

Why don't you work?

We had to cooperate with each other.


He went to Tokyo yesterday.

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We tortured them.

Vidhyanath's favorite sport is baseball.

One can never forget how to ride a bicycle.

That she is dead is certain.

I'd like Rogue to handle this investigation.

Is there any other way out of here?

We're not criminals.

Education is the path to happiness, peace, righteousness, and success.

I'm sorry I had to do that.


We know this song.

Judith gave Tran a sinister look.

Some claim that full-body scanners violate the Fourth Amendment.

Chip has no upper body strength.

Lea asked if I wanted to go to a movie with him.


He was banned from practising medicine.

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He came from the Northeast.

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The supermarket is on the other side of the street.

I want to spend the whole day with you.

Do you know how I can get in touch with Pantelis?

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It didn't make sense.

I refuse to write this sentence.

Laurie is going to the United Kingdom for vacation.

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I never lose.


Has she come or what?

Every child needs a father or a father figure in their life.

I didn't say anything to him.

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Are you curious?

Do it your own way if you don't like my way.

Needless to say, I've come here to help you.


What is this cat doing?

It started raining, so I took shelter under my friend's umbrella.

I don't know the meaning of the English word "gerund".

Mayuko always wants the best.

I'm afraid you can't do that.

Can you give me a better price?

Who gave her that recipe book?

We apologise for the inconvenience.

It's amazing I'm still alive.

The pasture is full of weeds.

Just let me get up.

I'm calling her right now.

The police car skidded to a stop.

How much would you charge to paint my house?

I want to know who broke this window.

French isn't a difficult language.

I have to be absent from school next week.


The sky is clear and the wind is refreshingly cool. It's a perfect day to spend outdoors.

You must go through with your plan.

Huashi told me everything that happened.

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Someone stole her money.

Can you wait ten minutes?

I didn't say it.

The taxi arrived late.

Rodney strolled down the street.

As a businessman he is far above me.

You're my only hope.


Mongo didn't speak French very well.

I'll never forget how kind you've been to me.

Phillip really should be doing this on his own.

Can you tell me where Main Street is?

At the market, the farmer is selling his farmer's bread.

Janice spent a year in Germany.

Miki showed me how to do it.

Find out what you can about Wolf.

People keep asking Dan how many languages he can speak.

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The image quality is really bad - the resolution is so low.

I figured Sunil might be interested in helping.

We used to play games like tag.

She wants a divorce.

Cathrin won't be eating anything else.

The president said that he would fight for his people.

This is your one chance.

The new teacher was a disappointment to the class.

How much we pay you depends on your skill.

Please tell Joshua it's urgent.

Everyone is hoping nothing bad will ever happen in Japan.


Fun became earnest. Earnest is now four years old.

Russia is huge.

Losers are always wrong.

Ritchey let me down and he also let Daniel down.

I'd like to ask you a couple of questions.


This is a crude material imported from Malaysia.


The new school is of simple and modern construction.

Please help me with this heavy baggage.

Hasn't the parcel arrived yet?

After seeing your spelling, I would like to have acid in my eyes.

Thousands of people rushed to Nome.

That's absolute nonsense.

The building collapsed in the earthquake.

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It became quiet again in the forest.

I think that at that time none of us quite believed in the Time Machine.

He decided to give up smoking once and for all.

Don't worry. I won't tell.

"Thanks a lot for letting me play with your Xbox." "No problem dude, knock yourself out."

We went all the way to the service station in torrential rain.

Bill did not commit the crime.


You're having a gastroscopy at nine o'clock tomorrow morning, so please don't have any solid food or liquids from nine o'clock tonight.

I haven't tried.

What does the word "Tatoeba" mean?

I've never wanted anything so much in my life.

Patricia looks like he got dressed in the dark this morning.

No one said this would work.

Steve won't accept this.

Avery is feeling better, isn't he?

Judge isn't a crook.

When the dog tried to bite me, I held him down by the neck and thoroughly scolded him.

He is a man of wide experience.

He keeps his clothespins in a bucket.

Why does June cry so much?

She said she would be twenty years old the following year.

The whale shark is the largest shark in the world.

He always says, "Just kidding!" at the end

My mother is a kind soul.


This is the train for New York.

I was drunk.

I'll buy a backpack tomorrow.

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He can touch his nose with his tongue.

Does faith healing work?

Val's not answering his cell.


I've got two books.